Walking the Block is an exploration of Christopher Street, in New York City's West Village.

For over a year, I would head to Christopher Street, walking past the tattoo parlors, head and sex shops that now sit alongside the high end restaurants and boutiques. It was the block where I found Chi Chi'z Bar (now closed) that captured my camera's eye. It was on that block that I watched, I photographed, I listened, I learned, I shared, I made friends, I captured moments.

Through a series of photographs, interviews, and ambient sound collections, I want to give the viewer a look at a disappearing community and block of Christopher Street.

Christopher Street has been a focus in New York Metropolitan LGBT life for more than 40 years. It became iconic with the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Forty years later, today Christopher Street has changed. With more and more of the faces of "the Village" changing from sex shop to boutique from queer bar to cafe, it is still a safe haven for &mdashLGBT youth and adults.

All images and sound were captured on Christopher Street from May 2009-2010.

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