Austin Seen, in progress…

I originally started documenting Austin in 2006 shortly after I relocated here from Boston. Feeling community-less and curious of my new surroundings, I hopped on my bike and started photographing. What else was an unemployed explorer to do?

Daily bike rides soon revealed eccentricity in the midst of urban growth and redevelopment, the shifting natures and an eclectic scene that is Austin.

I continued documenting what became my first photo essay, Austin Seen, a View from Saddle, until the end of 2008 when I moved to Brooklyn, New York to attend photojournalism program at International Center of Photography.

Upon returning to Austin at the end of 2010, I was again hopped on my bike, stopping, asking, connecting and sharing the stories of folks I meet along the way.

No matter how we view the changing face of Austin, I hope Austinites will take a look around, take notice of their community and of the small and large ways the city is growing, changing, disappearing. 

The images in Austin Seen, in progress… were shot from October 15, 2006 -present.

Like Austin, this series is in progress…

October 15, 2006:  Bus stop on East 7th Street. Ms. A "Allana" was the first "portrait", first stranger I ever asked to make their portrait. 

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