Executive Hospitality 
Management & Operations

I believe that delivering exceptional hospitality centers around creating memorable experiences. When employees are well-trained, supported, and feel valued, they are more likely to thrive in their roles, cultivate a positive work environment, and ultimately deliver superior service to guests and clients.

My journey in the hospitality industry began in my early years, growing up in Boston's "North End". One vivid childhood memory stands out: at around 8 years old, I found myself behind the counter at Mike's Pastry, preparing and serving cappuccinos tableside. The ritual, the interactions, and the joy I felt from people's reactions to me, a kid, serving them coffee ignited a deep-seated passion for service and hospitality within me.

In 2016, after years of juggling a part-time role as both a server and photographer, I made the pivotal decision to set photography aside temporarily and fully immerse myself in the hospitality world. Joining the opening management team at June's All Day with MML Hospitality, I swiftly rose through the ranks, transitioning from roles quickly to Assistant General Manager to General Manager, Service Director, and eventually Director of Operations by 2020, propelled by my unwavering belief in prioritizing a people-first culture


Following my tenure at MML, I embarked on an exciting new chapter as the Director of Hospitality and Culture at Preacher, a dynamic creative agency based in Austin.

More recently, my life underwent a significant transformation as my family and I relocated from Austin, Texas, to the picturesque Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. This decision was driven by a heartfelt desire to integrate into a community that resonates with our values and to afford our daughter the opportunity to grow up surrounded by family and the breathtaking natural landscapes of the region.

Areas of Focus and Expertise

Day-to-Day Operations 

Standard Operational Procedures
I love creating, developing systems
that support both staff & guests, the humans within. 

Team Development and Training
Mentor & develop empathetic leaders
Employee Manuals, Training Materials and Handbooks

Project Management & Restaurant Openings
Hiring & training of staff
hourly and salary


Pittsfield, MA

Experience Producer  & 
Visual Storyteller

Lenox, MA

Director of Hospitality & Culture
Austin, TX

Director of Operations & Service Director,
MML Hospitality
Austin, TX

General Manager
June’s All Day
Austin, TX 


Photography Collection 
Appraiser and Cataloger
Magnum Collection
Harry Ransom Center
Austin, TX

Teen Photography Lead Instructor for students with disabilities
VSA Texas
Austin, TX

Teen Photography Instructor
Community in Schools
Austin, TX

Intern to Eugene Richards Photojournalist
NewYork, NY

Darkroom Lead Instructor
International Center for Photography (ICP) Teen Academy
Bronx, NY 

Darkroom Teaching Assistant 
International Center for Photography (ICP) Teen Academy 
New York, NY


Pedicab Driver
Capital Pedicab
Austin, TX

Photographer’s/Production Assistant & Lighting Tech
Boston, MA

Graphic Designer 
& Fine Art Portfolio Printer

Team Artist Representative Boston, MA

Photography Studio Manager Exposure Place
Boston, MA

Camera Repair  Shop Assistant
S.K. Grimes
Boston, MA 

Photography Fine Art Printer & Fine Art Photographer
AR3 Photography
Scottsdale, AZ


Proficiency in MSOffice Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CMS 

Fine art B& W darkroom & digitalprinting

Project and eventmanagement

Systems,operational and human development 

Financial analysis and budget creation

Problem-solvingand innovating

 Experience builder




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