Executive Hospitality 
Management & Operations

I started working MML Hospitality as a FOH server in 2011, worked on and off for the next several years, eventually ending up at Jeffrey's to June's All Day, as a member of the opening team and shortly after the opening, moved from hourly team member to FOH Manager.  I quickly was gently pushed up the management ladder to AGM to GM to Service Director to Director of Operations in 2020. 

After departing from MML, I moved into the role of Director of Hospitality and Culture at Preacher 


I recently moved across the country from Austin, Texas to The Berkshires, Western Massachusetts,   to be a part of a community where we align on values and to raise our daughter closer to family and awe-inspiring nature.

I believe that hospitality, good hospitality is all about the experience. Better and cared for well trained and supported employees, will take better care of your business, be better co-workers and ultimately take better care of your guests and clients.  

Executive Hospitality
Management & Operations

Areas of Focus and Expertise

Day-to-Day Operations 

Standard Operational Procedures
I love creating systems that support both your clients and staff
Financial Planning, Budget & Profit Analysis

Hospitality/Restaurant Openings
Hiring & training of FOH employees
both hourly and management
Organizational & Empathetic Leadership
People & Culture Leadership Training
Team Development and Training
Employee Manuals and Handbooks

Project Management
Event Planning & Staffing
(paid and volunteers)
Event Day of Execution


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