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Can You Feel It with Poet Kate Payne (FRAMED)

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In the summer of 2008, Kate (my now wife, life partner & mother to our daughter F) and I had our first and only photography x poetry exhibit. 

Here is your chance to own the original 18 x 24" framed piece, Can You Feel It (shot on Nikon F100, west campus area on a walk to/from Pearl Street Darkroom Co-Op). This framed piece is from our exhibit at Progress Coffee (now Brew & Brew) from 06/01-07/15/08 in Austin, Texas. 

Arms of Progress • Analog: Dialogue is a series of Diptychs of black and white darkroom prints by Jo Ann Santangelo paired alongside original poetry by Kate Payne. 

This series, like our relationship developed, happened organically. Shortly after K & I met in January of 2007, we started dating. At the time I had just started photographing the cranes in Austin. One night at dinner, I mentioned this to K and she responded with “I’ve been writing poems about the cranes. And a year or so later, we exhibited Arms of Progress. 

 Thanks, Joshua Bingaman for hosting the exhibit!

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